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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Historical Background:  Michigan EPFP Milestones

1975 Michigan program begins. National program shifts emphasis from internships in Washington to in-service programs in selected state sites. Carl Candoli and Matthew Prophet become Michigan Coordinators.
1976 Initial State Policy Seminar convened in Michigan; Illinois, Minnesota, and Ohio sites participate. The seminar becomes prototype for one of EPFP's two annual national meetings.
1977 Betty Hale hired as Assistant Director, EPFP.
1978 Carl Candoli leaves Lansing School District. Metthew Prophet becomes Lansing School Superintendent. Ben Perez takes Candoli's place as Michigan coordinator.
1979 Michigan begins recruiting fellows from broader mix of educational institutions (i.e., colleges and universities, community colleges, and education associations.)
1980-81 Detroit selected as the first host site in Michigan for national forum. First off-site visits scheduled to the capitol in Lansing; magnet schools in Detroit; private schools in Windsor, Ontario; and the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Off-site visits become part of all national-level sessions.
1981 National office amicably severs ties with George Washington University and incorporates as IEL (Institute for Educational Leadership). Matthew Prophet leaves to assume Superintendency of Portland Public Schools. Dan Schultz becomes EPFP coordinator. National program expands to California and Texas. Ben Perez helps establish new sites. Betty Hale becomes Director of the EPFP. Michael Usdan joins IEL as President.
1982-83 Michigan selected as one of five IEL pilot program sites to host annual alumni conferences and policy seminars.
1983-84 Michigan opens program up to non-educators (i.e., fellows from human services agencies, non-profits, and the private sector). State Policy Seminar becomes the Leadership Forum in an effort to reflect the changing professional nature of fellows in Michigan and other state sites.
1987-89 National program expands to Missouri (1987), and Arizona (1989).
1994 National EPFP program celebrates thirtieth year of operation.
1995 Fellows given Internet E-mail address to enable them to discuss policy initiatives outside traditional meetings and help fellows maintain electronic contact. The IEL, Michigan and Illinois sites added Internet World-Wide Web pages. Michigan EPFP forges new affiliation with MSU's College of Education. Reasons for change include:
  1. a broadened sponsor base,
  2. increased name recognition and visibility for the program, and
  3. most other state sites affilitate with universities.
1996 Michigan EPFP utilizes telecommunications technology to link participants in East Lansing and Dearborn for the EPFP's first video conference.
1998 Jacquelyn Thompson becomes Michigan EPFP coordinator.
1999 The Michigan Virtual University (MVU), the Michigan EPFP and the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce cosponsor a Leadership & Policy Seminar designed to expand skills while introducing business and community leaders to on-line learning technologies. EPFP participants examined policy issues important to SE Michigan and participated in the Detroit Regional Chamber's Leadership Policy Conference held on Mackinac Island.

National EPFP program celebrates 35th year of operation.

2000 Michigan EPFP celebrates 25th year of programming.

National program expands to Pennsylvania.

Hunter Moorman appointed EPFP National Director.

Michigan EPFP adopts Learning Team format for increased fellow participation.

2001 Michigan EPFP launches re-designed Website replacing the original site developed in 1995.  The new Website is more interactive, which permits easy access to alumni, current fellows, and prospective fellows and sponsors.

Betty Hale appointed President of IEL.

2002 Michigan EPFP uses Blackboard discussion tool to facilitate Learning Team interaction.
2004 National EPFP program celebrates 40th year of operation.

National EPFP program expands to South Carolina.

Yvonne Caamal Canul becomes Michigan EPFP coordinator.

2005 Michigan EPFP program celebrates 30th year of operation.
Douglas Brattebo appointed EPFP National Director.
2006 Michigan EPFP becomes formally affiliated with the Education Policy Center at Michigan State University.


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