Donít Take "No" For An Answer

You should never expect a new idea, no matter how logical or reasonable, to he accepted on its face value the first time it is presented. Instead, you should anticipate all of the hostile questions and expect to be turned down the first time. In fact, if your idea is accepted initially without much resistance, there probably will be no real change. It may mean the policymakers are going to sandbag your proposalógiving lip service to your idea with no intention of implementing it. In general, the more the resistance, the better the idea. Be prepared to dig in and follow through because it takes a major commitment of time and energy to fully implement a new policy.

As you monitor implementation, it is important to show how your idea fits into the goals articulated by this particular institution (see ''Assumptions'') and how your idea can do the job more effectively or at lower cost. You can often avoid the ''it will cost more'' argument by saying, ''we don't expect more money but rather hope to 'reorder priorities'.''


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