Introduction and Overview 1:00-1:30, Nancy Fahner and Marcia Mardis
  • What are best practices?
  • Small group activity
  • Debrief

Best Practices Panel of Experts 1:30-2:40, David Miranda, moderator
  • What is your definition of BP?
  • What are barriers to implementation of BP?
  • Where does assessment fit into BP?
  • What role do different stakeholders play in defining and implementing BP?

Take the Mini-MEAP 2:40-3:00, Wendy Shane and Lauren Harkness

Break 3:00-3:15

Assessment and Legislative Considerations 3:15-3:55, Wendy Shane and Lauren Harkness

The Roles of Stakeholders (game) 3:55-4:30, Cheryl Thompson and Pam Hartenburg

Wrap-up 4:30-end, Dennis Washington

Dr. Jerry Stinett
Dr. Gerald L. Stinnett came to Michigan in 1994, and has served those eight years as the superintendent in Williamston. He currently serves as a member of the Tri-County Career Connections Board. Williamston Community Schools was acknowledged as the first "Lighthouse" district in Ingham County for efforts and accomplishments related to Career Connections in response to the efforts that have been ongoing in Career Contextual Learning and Educational Development Plans since 1998. (See Jerry's extended bio in the presentation notebook).
Dr. Lisa Frankes
Dr. Lisa frankes is an assistant professor in the Department of Teacher education at Eastern Michigan university. She specializes in the area of curriculum and instruction. Her research interests include teacher education, teacher inquiry and professional development schools, and media literacy.
Jim Linsell
Jim Linsell , 2001-2002 Teacher of the Year, has been involved in public education for over twenty-seven years as both a classroom teacher and elementary school principal. Jim received his bachelor's degree from Michigan State University and his master's from the University of Chicago. Jim's focus as Teacher of the Year is teacher recruitment and retention as well as quality professional development.
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Marcia Mardis Nancy Fahner Lauren Harkness Dennis Washington
Wendy Shane Cheryl Thompson Pam Hartenburg David Miranda