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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Stakeholder Engagement: Moving Michigan Toward a Knowledge Economy


Commencement Reflections, Pinkalicious, and Symphonic Thinking in the Conceptual Age

March 21, 2011
12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Kellogg Center, MSU

Please join us for a Commencement Celebration of the 2020 Graduating Class of the Whole New Mind (WNM) Academy on Monday, March 21 at the Kellogg Center.  The WNM Academy has successfully prepared graduates to thrive in the conceptual age and has been called upon by the State to host a Best Practices Summit to share our results with other schools around Michigan.

In preparation for the Michigan Summit, guests at the WNM Commencement Celebration will travel back to the year 2011.  Panelists will share ideas emerging in 2011 from the work across numerous stakeholder groups. Their ideas shaped what Michigan needed to do to move education policy (and school reform) forward to prepare learners for the knowledge economy and conceptual age.  Following the discussion,  participation in stakeholder groups will help us to tell the story of how this transformation occurred.

EPFP Learning Team Members:
Alison Arnold
Leah Breen
Ben Botwinski
Monica Butler
Cameron Clark
Sara Lurie
Henry McClendon
Christopher Plum
Resource People
Sharlonda Marie Buckman,  Executive Director, Detroit Parent Network
Jeff Hupp, Facebook
Jeff Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Public Sector Consultants
Olivia Johnson, Student, Plymouth Educational Center
Deavonte Grier, Student, Plymouth Educational Center
Jessie Kilgore, Superintendent. Plymouth Educational Center
Carlos Johnson, Parent Consultant, Image of Success

  • A Whole New Mind EPFP 2011 Discussion Guide (PDF)
  • Michigan's Defining Moment 10,000 Voices to Transform Our State: The Center for Michigan (PDF)
  • Mind Map Visual of EPFP Stakeholder Learning Team March 21, 2011 Session (PDF)
  • Creating a Picture-Learning Community Guide for Stakeholder Group Exercise (PDF)