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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Michigan Merit Curriculum: Making it Work

February 25, 2008
12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Kellogg Center, MSU

The purpose of this session is to provide information that is focused on how to make the Michigan Merit Curriculum work for all students, particularly those who may have significant academic challenges.


Learning Team Members

Donna Hamilton, Education Consultant, Office of Professional Preparation Services, Michigan Department of Education
Flora L. Jenkins, Director, Office of Professional Preparation Services, Michigan Department of Education
Julie Lemond, Chief Academic Officer, Lansing School District


Fellows will be able to explain the rationale behind the Michigan Merit Curriculum.
Fellows will apply knowledge of changes to Michigan’s high school graduation requirements to curricular issues.
Fellows will synthesize new knowledge and use it to address program challenges and policy initiatives.
Fellows will demonstrate competence in completing a standardized assessment related to the Michigan Merit Curriculum.


12:00PM Lunch

1:00 PM

  • Goal: Review Why Michigan needed the new Merit Curriculum
  • Process: Power Point Slides tracing 3 major initiatives and Michigan’s Graduation Requirements

1:25 PM

  • Goal: Understand perceptions about a variety of stakeholders
  • Process: Distribution of “role” cards, create a story, role-alike groups and reporting out

2:10 PM

  • Goal: Provide an overview of various strategies for implementing the MMC
  • Process: Panel Discussion with Katie Wolf (Alternative Education), Matt Korolden (Special Education), Patti Cantu (CTE)
  • Virtual Field Trip
    • Brimley Area Schools
    • Engadine Consolidated Schools
    • Mackinac Island Public Schools
    • Superior Central Schools


3:30 PM

  • Goal: Understanding the reality of policy implementation
  • Process: Table Groups review a proposed program option or policy and note: pros, cons, consequences, policy implications

4:00 PM

  • Goal: Share what we know about policy
  • Process: Report out to the whole group

4:30 PM

  • Goal: Reality Check—Lansing’s Answer
  • Process: Fellows participate in a sample assessment

Resource Persons

Matt Korolden, Co-Director, Secondary Re-design & Transition, Michigan Department of Education
Katie Wolf, Executive Director, Michigan Association of Community & Adult Education
Patti Cantu, Director of Career & Technical Education, Michigan Department of Education (EPFP 2006-07)

Resource Material

Homework Assignment


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