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Education Policy Fellowship Program

The Challenges Facing Leaders

February 9, 1998
2:00 pm
Kellogg Center, MSU

Resource Person: Dr. Stephen S. Kaagan
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Professor of Education Administration
Michigan State University

    Steve Kaagan's diverse career and personal experiences underline an innovative approach to leadership development and education. He consults on team leadership, strategic planning and organizational development with various groups including government agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations and associations. He has taught in classrooms from Australia to Massachusetts, including organizational development and educational policy at Pratt Institute, Rutgers University, the University of Southern Maine, and most recently at Michigan State University.

    Other professional positions Dr. Kaagan has held include chief executive of Outward Bound, Hurricane Island; Provost at Pratt Institute in New York, Education Commissioner for the State of Vermont; and Vice President of the Michigan Partnership for New Education.

    In addition to a varied professional career, he is an accomplished mountaineer, having climbed in the Himalayas and in South and North America. He has traveled extensively throughout the world.

    Dr. Kaagan has a bachelor's degree from Williams College, master's and a doctorate from Harvard University, and honorary doctorates from Williams College and Green Mountain College.

    He currently resides with his wife Susan in East Lansing, Michigan where he is at work on a third book on leadership.

Dr. Yvonne Caamal-Canul (EPFP 90-91)
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Director of Programs for Linguistic & Cultural Diversity and Principal
Center for Language, Culture & the Communication Arts
Lansing Public Schools

    Yvonne Caamal Canul was raised and educated in Latin America until the age of 15 when her family returned to the United States after several assignments with the United States Embassy. She received a Bachelor's Degree from Olivet College in 1973 and a Master's from Michigan State University in 1977, where she is also finishing work on a Ph.D. in Educational Administration. She began her career in the Lansing School District in 1974 working as a teacher at the elementary, middle and secondary levels. In 1993, she spearheaded the development of a new focus school in the district and became its principal in July of 1994. The Center for Language, Culture and Communication Arts is a total school of choice and has been highlighted as one of the state's most innovative learning opportunities for elementary aged children.

    Yvonne has published articles in both state and national journals and has presented and keynoted at numerous regional and national conferences in the areas of staff development, leadership in community and school development and diversity in organizational environments. In 1990 Yvonne was selected as a fellow in the Educational Policy Program with the Institute for Educational Leadership. In 1995, she was chosen as a Milken Family Foundation National Educator for the State of Michigan. During 1997, Yvonne served as an appointed member of Mayor Hollister's Blue Ribbon Committee on Education and as an invited panel member of the Governor's Education Summit. She has also been elected to organizational posts including both President and Vice President of the Michigan Association for Bilingual Education and a two-term presidency in the Lansing Association of Elementary School Principals. For the past seven years, she has co-chaired the Lansing School District's and City of Lansing's Annual Symposium on Cultural Diversity. In May of this year, Yvonne was awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa from her alma mater, Olivet College.

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