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Education Policy Fellowship Program

EPFP Learning Team Session -

Teacher Shortage is Not Fake News

Febuary 26, 2018

12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Kellogg Center, MSU

In this team session, our team will share current Michigan-specific data and cross-reference national data around teacher pipeline issues. Local examples of creative ways to address teacher retention and shortage issues will be discussed as well as policy issues around addressing the real regional and situational shortage issues presenting themselves throughout our state.

Team: Cathy Bacile-Cunningham, Jayme Danzig, Melissa Dawes, Rebekah Emmerling, Kim Johnson Ray, Jennifer Robel, and Latisha Wolf


1:00   Team - Laying the Foundation - Why is this issue important? (cite data sources)

1:05   Dr. Shannon Stackhouse - Educator mobility

Dr. Shannon Stackhouse is an education research and data consultant currently focusing on analyses and longer-term   research projects related to educator workforce issues. In her previous work with the Michigan Department of Education she managed the strategic research agenda around student achievement gaps. Promoting usable research to influence policy toward educational equity isof central importance to her work. Dr. Stackhouse began her educational career teaching middle school math and science and holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration with a focus on education policy.

2:00   Dr. Jared Robinson - Educator mobility

Dr. Jared Robinson leads a research team which examines educator employment pipeline issues in Michigan, including supply and demand, teacher shortages, and teacher mobility, especially as these issues relate to equity. He also manages the work of departmental guidance and support for educator evaluation systems in the state of Michigan. Before joining the MDE, Jared taught high school English for six years and completed his Ph.D. in Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation. He is an EPFP alumnus from the 2016-17 cohort.

2:55   Break (15 minutes)

3:10   Chris Wigent (MI EPFP 1998-99), MASA - How Local Education Entities are Thinking About and Navigating Educator Workforce Issues

Chris Wigent, the Executive Director of the Michigan Association of School Administrators spearheaded the creation of an Educator Shortage Workgroup comprised of superintendents from around the state. The workgroup examines shortage issues through the lens of district leaders. The group is looking at possible short-, mid- and long-term solutions to the educator shortage.

3:40  Ben Botwinski, Executive Director of School Improvement - Lansing REAP Grant for Educator Retention

Lansing Public Schools have have secured a unique opportunity to focus on strategies designed to retain excellent educators through a sizable grant designed to reward educator achievement and performance. Ben Botwinski is here to share an interactive presentation of the REAP (Rewarding Educator Achievement and Performance) Grant.


Ben Botwinski is the Executive Director of School Improvement for the Lansing School District. In that role Ben is responsible for the executive management of the district's state/federal programs; curriculum, assessment, and data; pupil accounting and central enrollment; and many aspects of school improvement. Prior to working for Lansing, Ben served as the Program Director for Michigan State University's Fellowship of Instructional Leaders where he worked in support of Persistently Low Achieving and Priority Schools across the state. Ben is an EPFP alumni from the class of 2010-11.

4:30   Cathy Bacile Cunningham - Short, mid and long-term policies for addressing shortage

          Rebekah Emmerling & Jennifer Robel - Office of Educator Workforce’s current shortage initiatives with Partnership Districts


The Real Reason Behind the U.S. Teacher Shortage

White Paper by Robinson

White Paper by Stackhouse

The Real Reason behind the U.S. Teacher Shortage