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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Policy and Research: Data Related to Equity

March 13, 2017
12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Kellogg Center, MSU

In this Learning Team session, we will explore the development and implications of policy and research, highlighting its relationship to equity and achievement gaps. Experts in federal, state, and local education policy and governance will present on the ESSA’s effects at each level of government. Attendees will also have an opportunity evaluate elements of Michigan’s draft ESSA plan.

Session Resources

12:10 PM - Welcome and Introductions (Michael and Brian)

12:15 PM - Topic Introduction on Social-Emotional Learning Concerns (Kristina, Suzy, and Teddy)

1:15 PM - Lansing - Karlin Tichenor (EPFP 2015-16) - What policy makers miss when examining data points used for accountability. What other factors are missed by focusing on raw achievement data. How would this be changed with ESSA, given ESSA's social-emotional benchmarks? What does the whole-child approach look like in comparison?

1:15 PM - Chris Janzer (EPFP 2014-15), MDE:

                 - Department of Education Vision

                 - Navigating through policy changes in a data driven environment

                 - How does MDE use data and research to drive policy?


2:00 PM - Dr. Sarah Rechhow

                 - Federal level deep dive into ESSA

                 - Research factors and implications

                 - What is the political fallout?


2:45 PM - Break

3:00 PM - NAEP Data Review (Nathan)

3:15 PM - Local Perspectives Then and Now (Nathan)

3:30 PM - ESSA group simulation on accountability indicators and ESSA feedback