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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Institute for Educational Leadership
National Leadership
Award Michigan Recipients

Periodically the Institute for Educational Leadership in Washington DC presents its National Leadership Award to individuals "In appreciation of effective contributions to the improvement of American Education and to the strengthening of IEL." This distinguished leadership award also recognizes the contributions and achievements of EPFP alumni, key program resources and advocates for effective public policy.

The Michigan recipients of the IEL National Leadership Award are:


  • Dr. Eric Scorsone, Director, Institute of MSU Extension Center for Local Government and Finance and Policy, Michigan State University; Acting Senior Deputy Treasurer, State of Michigan


  • Dr. Douglas Roberts, Director, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, Michigan State University


  • Michael Flanagan, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Michigan Department of Education
  • Dr. Yong Zhao, University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Confucius Institute, Michigan State University


  • Dr. Jeremy M. Hughes, (EPFP 1984-85) Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction, Michigan Department of Education


  • Dr. Nannette Bowler, (EPFP 1992-93) Director, Michigan Family Independence Agency
  • Dr. Barbara W. Markle, (EPFP 1993-94) Director, Office of K-12 Outreach, College of Education, Michigan State University
  • Dr. Jacquelyn J. Thompson, (EPFP 1992-93) Director of Special Education and Early Intervention Services, Michigan Department of Education and Michigan EPFP Co-Coordinator


  • The Honorable David C. Hollister, Mayor, City of Lansing Michigan


  • Dr. Michael Boulus, (EPFP 1976-77) Deputy Treasurer for Education, Michigan Department of Treasury


  • Dr. Frithjof Bergmann, Professor of Philosophy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Dr. Renee Lerche, Director of Education, Training and Employment, Ford Motor Company
  • Dr. Donald Weatherspoon, (EPFP 1972-73) Deputy Director for Administration, Michigan Department of Natural Resources


  • Ms. Lural Baltimore, (EPFP 1983-84) Central Area Service Administrator, Disability Determination Services, Michigan Department of Education
  • Mr. Harrison Blackmond, (EPFP 1978-79) Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Michigan Partnership for New Education
  • Dr. Richard Halik, Superintendent, Lansing School District
  • Mr. Argelio "Ben" Perez, (EPFP 1975-76) Associate Superintendent, Lansing Public Schools and Michigan EPFP Co-Coordinator
  • Mr. Daniel W. Schultz, (EPFP 1976-77) Assistant State Superintendent for Technology and Grants, Michigan Department of Education and Michigan EPFP Co-Coordinator


  • Dr. Michael F. Addonizzio, (EPFP 1983-84) Education Policy Advisor to Governor John Engler
  • Dr. Ivan L. Cotman, (EPFP 1981-82) Associate Superintendent for Rehabilitation and Disability Determination, Michigan Department of Education
  • Dr. Blanche E. Fraser, (EPFP 1985-86) Superintendent, Mt. Clemens Public Schools
  • Ms. Rachael E. Moreno, (EPFP 1980-81) Associate Superintendent, Genesee Intermediate School District
  • Dr. Edward D. Roeber, (EPFP 1979-80) Director, Interstate Performance Assessment Consortium, Council of Chief State School Officers, Washington, DC


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