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Education Policy Fellowship Program


Michigan Virtual University Leadership & Policy Seminar

offered in cooperation with the Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program
and the Detroit Regional Chamber

In early 1999, the Michigan Virtual University (MVU) announced a seven-week, leadership and policy seminar designed to expand analytical and communication skills while introducing business and community leaders to the advantages of on-line learning technologies.

With the rapid growth of the Internet and expanded access to on-line services, the use of telecommunications technology has emerged as a skill required of leaders. The Internet has also opened new opportunities to develop communities of learners and enhance policy discourse.
The MVU Leadership and Policy Seminar was designed to engage participants in a highly interactive professional development experience. This experience occurred between April 13 - June 6, 1999, and was cosponsored by the Detroit Regional Chamber and the Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program. Participants examined two key policy issues of importance to Southeast Michigan and took part in a capstone presentation at the Detroit Regional Chamber's Leadership Policy Conference held on Mackinac Island June 3 - 6, 1999.
The Seminar was limited to 14 participants selected from a group of Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program alumni -- professionals in policy-level positions at colleges and universities, local and state government agencies, school districts, non-profit organizations and corporations:

The participants:
  • Attended an orientation program.
  • Explored a specific set of policy topics.
  • Actively participated in a series of policy discussions.
  • Worked on a virtual team.
  • Evaluated a set of technology tools and applications.
  • Engaged in policy conversations with key legislative, business and government leaders.
  • Attended the Detroit Regional Chamber's Leadership Policy Conference from June 3 - 6, 1999, on Mackinac Island.
  • Evaluated the seminar experience.
  • Earned a certificate upon completion from the Michigan Virtual University.
Technology Expectations
The Leadership and Policy Seminar used a variety of technology tools, where appropriate, for instruction, management and communication. Participants were required to have:
  • an interest in experiencing new technology tools and applications,
  • an Internet e-mail account,
  • access to the Internet on a daily basis, and
  • Web navigation skills.
The Michigan Virtual University underwrote all tuition costs associated with the April - June seminar, including registration, travel and lodging expenses for the Detroit Regional Chamber's Leadership Policy Conference on Mackinac Island.
Application Process
Applications were submitted electronically during March, 1999. A sample application is available online at: application.html. Participants were selected by the seminar faculty in consultation with MVU officials.
  • Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program (MI EPFP) would like to thank Dr. David Spencer, President and CEO of the Michigan Virtual University, and Mr. Jamey Fitzpatrick, Vice-President for Development and Education Policy at the Michigan Virtual University.  Their active support, sponsorship, and participation was instrumental in the success of the Leadership & Policy Seminar.  
  • Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program (MI EPFP) gratefully acknowledges the initial Web page development, design and hosting provided by the Office of the Virtual University at Michigan State University.  Earlier iterations of these pages were made possible through the support of Dr. Paul Hunt and Ms. Loraine Hudson (MI EPFP Alumni 1995-96).  
  • Dan Schultz and Ben Perez wish to express their appreciation to Dr. Tim Quinn, President of Quinn & Associates, for his support and encouragement.