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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Washington Policy Seminar - Michigan Congressional Delegation Members

Michigan EPFP Fellows attend the annual Washington Policy Seminar each Spring.  During this seminar, Fellows have the opportunity to spend a day on Capitol Hill learning about Federal policy-making and meeting with Congressional leaders, representatives of the State of Michigan Office in Washington, D.C., key legislative staff members, and national organizations based in the nation's capital.

In addition to meeting with the various groups described above, Michigan EPFP Fellows have also had the chance to meet with and discuss national policy issues with representatives of the Michigan Congressional Delegation.  Below is a list of elected officials who have generously arranged their schedules to meet with the Michigan EPFP Fellows.

First Name Last Name Title Year
Hon. Mike Bishop U.S. Congressman 2015-16
Hon. Bob Carr U.S. Congressman 1981-83
Hon. Vernon Ehlers U.S. Congressman 2006, 2007, 2009-10
Hon. William Ford U.S. Congressman 1983-85
Hon. Peter Hoekstra U.S. Congressman 2000-03, 2007, 2009-10
Hon. Bill Huizenga U.S. Congressman 2012-14
Hon. Dale Kildee U.S. Congressman 2006, 2007, 2009-12
Hon. Dan Kildee U.S. Congressman 2013-17
Hon. John Moolenaar U.S. Congressman 2015-17
Hon. Lynn Rivers U.S. Congresswoman 2000-02
Hon. Mike Rogers U.S. Congressman 2011, 2013-14
Hon. Joe Schwarz U.S. Congressman 2005-06
Hon. Debbie Stabenow U.S. Congresswoman 2000
Hon. Fred Upton U.S. Congressman 1994-95
Hon. Tim Walberg U.S. Congressman 2011-13
Hon. Howard Wolpe U.S. Congressman 1985-89
Hon. Carl Levin U.S. Senator 1990, 2001-02, 2006-07, 2009-14
Hon. Gary Peters U.S. Senator 2015, 2017
Hon. Don Reigle U.S. Senator 1987
Hon. Debbie Stabenow U.S. Senator 2008