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Education Policy Fellowship Program

The Role of Teacher Evaluation for Improving Teacher Effectiveness with Diverse Learners

May 8, 2017

12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Kellogg Center, MSU

In this team session, Fellows will:

  • Be provided background knowledge of the Teacher Evaluation policy Senate Bill 103
  • Increase understanding of the complexities of contemporary teacher evaluation broadly
  • Learn about the efficacy of various Michigan-approved teacher evaluation instruments to improve academic outcomes for the state’s most vulnerable students.
  • Understand the implications of opportunity gaps for education policy reform
  • Discuss the implications of teacher evaluation for ongoing efforts to improve teacher quality

Team: Bethany Deschaine, Carol Paul, Shelley Ruh, Traci Teasley, Chezare Warren


1:00‐1:05 PM Purpose and the relationship of opportunity gaps, teacher evaluation, and education policy
1:05‐1:30 PM

Abbie Groff‐Blaszak (EPFP 2009-10), Director, Office of Educator Talent at the Michigan Department of Education will discuss:

  • The History of Public Educator Evaluation Policy
  • Senate Bill 103
1:30‐2:15 PM Teacher Evaluation Instrument Panel:
  • Ben Botwinski (EPFP 2010-11), Director of School Improvement ‐ Lansing School District ‐ Marzano Model
  • Alicia Jenkins, Principal at Summit Academy ‐ Charlotte Danielson Model
  • Jim Kelly, Director of Curriculum and Technology ‐ Stockbridge School District ‐ 5 Dimensions of Teaching Model
2:15‐2:30 PM BREAK
2:30‐3:00 PM Dave Reid, MSU Researcher, shares insights on teacher evaluation
3:00‐3:30 PM Interactive team activity focusing on analysis of teacher evaluation tools
3:30‐4:00 PM Facilitator: Carol Paul, Debrief and report out on teacher evaluation tool analysis
4:00‐4:30 PM Dr. Patricia Edwards, MSU Professor of Teacher Education, An analysis of the gaps between teacher preparation and recommendations provided by group