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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Purpose of Education

May 9, 2016
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Kellogg Center, MSU

Purpose: The purpose of education may seem straightforward, however an exploration of Michigan's educational history related to policy reveals shifts in who is being educated and why. Today's session will examine Michigan's historical education timeline of policies, school structures, and local decision making. Once a historical foundation has been established, this will be contrasted with present day perspectives. Present day perspectives will be presented through a panel of guests with various educational backgrounds and experiences.

 1:00 PM   What is the purpose of education? Historical Perspectives
 1:45 PM  What is the purpose of education? Present Day Perspectives
 2:45 PM

 Closing Thoughts

Speaker Biographies:

Margaret Crocco's research has focused on issues of diversity, both national and international, within a social studies education context. Most prominently, she has investigated how "women of the world" have been featured--or ignored-- in global studies and world history courses, state curriculum frameworks, and teacher preparation programs. She has published work related to human rights education, peace education, women and religion, and cross-cultural representations of women in literature. She has also contributed to a project of leadership development in schools in India, led by Professor Bill Gaudelli of Teachers College, Columbia University, and to several curriculum design projects in conjunction with documentary films, such as Pray the Devil Back to Hell about women peacemakers in Liberia, by filmmaker Abigail Disney.


Learning Team Members:

Kate Cermak
Zena Lowe
Jeff Kolb
Leanne Weber
Pietro Semifero


Resource Material:

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