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Education Policy Fellowship Program

International Benchmarking of Effective Schools

March 2, 2015
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Kellogg Center, MSU

Purpose: This learning team session is designed to inform participants of the purpose and the process of international benchmarking as a new perspective for investigating effective schools. Additionally, participants will be introduced to how the methodology of international benchmarking can be applied to local initiatives for school change.


Desired Outcomes:


  1. The participants will understand the purpose and process of international benchmarking in education, highlighting its usefulness for the continuous improvement of educational systems as well as some pitfalls to avoid.
  2. The participants will be introduced to the key findings of the Global Fourth Way and examples of international benchmarking.
  3. The participants will be presented with perspectives from international educators about the educational systems in their countries and how those systems relate to current findings from international benchmarking.
  4. The participants will understand how the concept of benchmarking was applied to Michigan elementary educational systems.



3:30PM - 3:40AM Welcome and Introduction
3:40PM - 3:50PM  International Benchmarking: Definitions and Processes
3:50PM – 4:20PM:

International Educator Panel: Dion Ginato, Jihyun Kim, and Yan Liu

4:20PM – 4:50PM:  

Reading Now Network: Chris Stephens, Laurie Schmitt, and Peter Haines

4:50PM – 5:00PM: Comments, Questions and Conclusion


Speaker Biographies:

Dion Ginanto received his undergraduate degree in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) from Jambi University, Indonesia. He was awarded "MAWAPRESNAS" (the best student award by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia) in 2006. He was also an AIYEP-er 2007/2008 (Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program). In 2009, he joined to a short course training of the KAPLAN TKT program in New Zealand. He got his master degree in K-12 Educational Administration at Michigan State University. He has published his first book entitled: "Jadi Pendidik Kreatif dan Inspiratif: Cara Mengobati 10 Penyakit Profesional" (To be a Creative and Inspired Teacher). He works as a civil servant teacher at SMA N 1 Batanghari (High School), Jambi, as an English teacher. Currently he is doing his first year Ph.D in K-12 Educational Administration, Michigan State University. He also works as a graduate assistant both in his department, and LATTICE (Linking All Types of Teachers to International Cross-Cultural Education).

Jihyun Kim received her bachelor's degree in elementary education and master's degree in elementary school administration from Seoul National University of Education in Korea. While starting the pursuit of a master's degree in Seoul National University of Education, she started her new life as a teacher. She taught 5th and 6th grade students as a homeroom teacher for 3 and a half years. Experience at a real school gave her second thoughts about education. She observed many situations that could been enhanced with proper policy implement and evaluation. These experiences in the classroom helped to create a desire to pursue the positive impacts that policy changes could have on student learning. As a third year Ph.D student at Educational Policy program at MSU, she has studied about the teachers' quality, teachers' social networks, policy implementation and principals' leadership, and comparative research perspectives with qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Chris Stephens is an Assistant Director with the Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA) and works with administrative certification and endorsement through MASA's Courageous Journey program.

Peter Haines is the Superintendent of Greenville Public Schools.

Laurie Schmitt is the Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services at the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency.


Learning Team Members:

Yan Liu

Sean Kottke

Catherine Wigent


Resource Material:


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