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Welcome to the Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP), a national program of the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL). The Michigan EPFP is a leadership development program providing a year-long series of training activities to mid-career professionals involved in policy-making in education and human services. Through program activities, Fellows gain knowledge and information on policy design and implementation at the local, state and national levels. We invite you to browse our pages to learn more about the Michigan program and how you can become involved. Questions about this website or the Michigan EPFP program can be addressed to a Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program Coordinator.

EPC-Header copyThe Michigan EPFP is affiliated with The Education Policy Center at Michigan State University.


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Applications for the 2016-17 Michigan Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP) class will be accepted through August 2016. 

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March 21 2011 Team Presentation - EPFP Michigan http://epfp.educ.msu.edu/30-uncategorised/259-march21presentation http://epfp.educ.msu.edu/30-uncategorised/259-march21presentation

Stakeholder Engagement: Moving Michigan Toward a Knowledge Economy


Commencement Reflections, Pinkalicious, and Symphonic Thinking in the Conceptual Age

March 21, 2011
12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Kellogg Center, MSU

Please join us for a Commencement Celebration of the 2020 Graduating Class of the Whole New Mind (WNM) Academy on Monday, March 21 at the Kellogg Center.  The WNM Academy has successfully prepared graduates to thrive in the conceptual age and has been called upon by the State to host a Best Practices Summit to share our results with other schools around Michigan.

In preparation for the Michigan Summit, guests at the WNM Commencement Celebration will travel back to the year 2011.  Panelists will share ideas emerging in 2011 from the work across numerous stakeholder groups. Their ideas shaped what Michigan needed to do to move education policy (and school reform) forward to prepare learners for the knowledge economy and conceptual age.  Following the discussion,  participation in stakeholder groups will help us to tell the story of how this transformation occurred.

EPFP Learning Team Members:
Alison Arnold
Leah Breen
Ben Botwinski
Monica Butler
Cameron Clark
Sara Lurie
Henry McClendon
Christopher Plum
Resource People
Sharlonda Marie Buckman,  Executive Director, Detroit Parent Network
Jeff Hupp, Facebook
Jeff Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Public Sector Consultants
Olivia Johnson, Student, Plymouth Educational Center
Deavonte Grier, Student, Plymouth Educational Center
Jessie Kilgore, Superintendent. Plymouth Educational Center
Carlos Johnson, Parent Consultant, Image of Success

  • A Whole New Mind EPFP 2011 Discussion Guide (PDF)
  • Michigan's Defining Moment 10,000 Voices to Transform Our State: The Center for Michigan (PDF)
  • Mind Map Visual of EPFP Stakeholder Learning Team March 21, 2011 Session (PDF)
  • Creating a Picture-Learning Community Guide for Stakeholder Group Exercise (PDF)

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Triving Cities, Triving Schools - EPFP Michigan http://epfp.educ.msu.edu/30-uncategorised/363-triving-cities-triving-schools http://epfp.educ.msu.edu/30-uncategorised/363-triving-cities-triving-schools

Thriving Cities, Thriving Schools

May 4, 2015
12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Kellogg Center, MSU

This Team Session will explore the relationship between cities and schools. The participants will learn obstacles and pathways to thriving cities and schools, and create ideas for policy change.


1:00 PM Introduction – May the 4th be with you!

1:15 PM Barriers – Land Policy Institute

1:45 PM City and School Collaboration – Kalamazoo & Lansing

3:15 PM Break

3:30 PM City and School Collaboration – Excellent Schools Detroit

4:15 PM A National Example – Academies of Nashville

4:45 PM Wrap up


Resource People:

Wyckoff  Mark A. Wychoff, Michigan State University Professor; Senior Associate Director, Land Policy Institute; and Director, Planning & Zoning Center at MSU Land Policy Institute

Mark A. Wyckoff is a driving force in the outreach services of the Planning & Zoning Center and the Land Policy Institute. He has more than 30 years of applied planning experience in Michigan at the state, regional, and local level, with most of it as a private consultant. Mark has also been an assistant professor of urban planning at MSU at various times, teaching both graduate and undergraduate students. He has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan and a Master's degree in Urban Planning from Michigan State University. Mark co-edited a book, published in 2011, entitled School Siting and Healthy Communities: Why Where We Invest in School Facilities Matters. The Land Policy Institute seeks to make a positive difference in addressing current and future public and private land use challenges in Michigan, the Midwest and beyond, through three focus areas (Placemaking & Regional Prosperity, Land & Planning and Land-Based Resources). The LPI works in partnership with groups on campus and outside of the university on research, outreach and education initiatives that enrich community, economic and family life through the development of effective land use policies, strategies and best practices.


Madill  Holly Madill, Outreach Specialist, Land Policy Institue

Holly Madill assists both the Planning & Zoning Center at Michigan State University and the Land Policy Institute in research and outreach projects related to land use and strategic growth. She brings a diverse set of skills to this position having developed and managed planning, capacity building and public policy projects for the private, nonprofit, institutional and public sectors over the course of the last 15 years. Holly specializes in community engagement, transportation and plan development. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from the University of Alabama and a Master's degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Michigan State University.


Jorth  Bob Jorth, Executive Director, The Kalamazoo Promise

Bob Jorth believes that public education is the key to transforming our communities, states and nation so that they are dynamic places to live and work. He has seen firsthand the impact that The Kalamazoo Promise has had on Kalamazoo, Michigan and the nation since its founding. He was named as the initial Executive Administrator of the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship in March 2006 and established all of the processes, procedures and infrastructure for the implementation of this groundbreaking nationally recognized scholarship program. He was promoted to his current position of Executive Director in July 2013. In Kalamazoo, he served on the Interfaith Strategies for Advocacy and Action in the Community (ISAAC) organizing committee and executive board for 3 years. He also was head of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) Region 211 board for 2 ½ years. He has a Masters in Public Administration from Western Michigan University and a bachelor degree from Wartburg College. He has 2 children who were educated through the Kalamazoo Public Schools and has been a resident of Kalamazoo for over 25 years.


Rice  Michael F. Rice, Ph.D., Superintendent, Kalamazoo Public Schools

Dr. Michael F. Rice became superintendent of the Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS) in August 2007. Prior to his appointment, Rice served for five years as superintendent of the Clifton Public Schools in Clifton, New Jersey. During Dr. Rice's tenure as superintendent, the district has adopted the nationally recognized OWL pre-school curriculum with community pre-school partners that include the county-run Head Start Program, New Genesis, and the YWCA; expanded full-day kindergarten from 176 to 1009 students, with the use of federal Title I funds; created a K-3 writing block; adopted new K-5 math materials, the first time since 1992; created new K-5 language arts and math guides; more than doubled the number of students in high school Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the number of AP courses that students take; and increased elementary, middle school, and high school state reading and math scores from 2007 to 2011. During the same period, the district opened its first two newly constructed schools, Prairie Ridge Elementary School and Linden Grove Middle School, since 1972; began El Sol Elementary, a dual language school; and started the new Middle School Alternative Learning Program. In the last year and a half, KPS has run community literacy programs in parent education and family literacy, informed by three years of literacy research and work and funded by Kellogg Foundation grants. The district and community appreciated the opportunity to welcome President Barack Obama in June 2010 when the president named Kalamazoo Central High School the winner of the first annual Commencement Challenge. Under Dr. Rice's leadership, the district is working hard to help create a literacy community and a college-going culture to help children make the very most of their promise/Promise.


Hopewell  Bobby J. Hopewell, Mayor of Kalamazoo

Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Mayor Bobby J. Hopewell has spent his entire adult career in the service of others. From his professional positions in healthcare to his board memberships and civic responsibilities, he has demonstrated leadership and passion for improving the lives of all citizens in Kalamazoo. Mayor Hopewell is President and CEO of Mobile Health Resources (MHR). First elected to the Kalamazoo City Commission in 2003, Mr. Hopewell is focused on comprehensive community development, public safety services, accountability, equality, innovation and efforts to prepare young people for the world. A graduate of Kalamazoo Central High School, the Mayor received an Associate's in Health Technology from Kalamazoo Valley Community College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Service from Sienna Heights University and his Master's degree from Western Michigan University in Organizational Learning and Performance.


Canul  Yvonne Caamal Canul, Superintendent, Lansing School District

Raised in Latin America, Yvonne brings a rich "world-view" to her work of 40 years in the field of education as a teacher, school principal, director of curriculum and assessment, consultant for low-performing schools, as a state department of education official, and as a corporate executive in the private sector leading an innovation division that guided school improvement research, marketing, and strategic partnerships. Most recently, Yvonne served as the Director of Implementation for FirstSchool, an Early Childhood research and direct practice collaborative between Michigan State University and the University of North Carolina. Since March of 2012, Yvonne has been the Superintendent for the Lansing School District. Yvonne has received numerous awards for her dedication to the education profession, among them are the Greater Lansing Woman of the Year Finalist, GLWoman Magazine, Certificate of Leadership & Achievement, Hispanic Latino Commission of Michigan, National Educator Award presented by the Milken Family Foundation and the Human Rights Award given by the Michigan Education Association. Her degrees are from Olivet College and Michigan State University. Yvonne has traveled throughout the world and is fluent in Spanish. She is married to Victor Caamal Canul.


Benero  Virg Benero, Mayor of Lansing

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is the chief executive of Michigan's sixth largest city. Now in his eighth year as mayor, Bernero tackles the challenges of today's economy with a fierce determination to bring common sense reforms to government and to create a favorable business climate for new, job-creating investments. His current term expires in 2017. Bernero was also recently appointed chairperson of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Advanced Manufacturing Task Force. Virg Bernero is a seasoned veteran of Michigan's political scene, having served previously as a county commissioner and as a state representative and senator in the Michigan Legislature. He also served as the executive director of a statewide non-profit association that helps families and children with mental illness. In 2010 he was the Democratic nominee for governor of Michigan. Bernero is the proud son of a GM retiree and Italian immigrant who lived the American Dream and provided for his family of five by running a grocery business and then taking a job with GM. Virg and his wife Teri, a Lansing Public Schools administrator, live in Lansing. They have two daughters, Kelly and Virginia.


Hratchian  Armen Hratchain, Vice President of K-12 Education at Excellent Schools Detroit

Armen Hratchian is Vice President of K-12 Education at Excellent Schools Detroit (ESD), a coalition of philanthropy, educators, civic and community-based organizations working to ensure that every Detroit student, cradle to career, receives an excellent education by 2020. They define an excellent education as one that assures the on-time high school graduation of 90% of its students, 90% of whom enroll in college or quality postsecondary training program, 90% of whom are prepared to succeed in that program without remediation. In his role at ESD, Armen is responsible for leading the school accountability methodology and agenda that manifests itself publicly as the Detroit School Scorecard. He is also responsible for the organization's new school, school improvement and school closure efforts, which include shaping local and state policy, organizing community, and investing into high performing educators, school leaders and programs. Prior to joining ESD, Armen was a consultant with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and United Way for Southeastern Michigan, and prior to that he was a senior consultant with Lansing-based Public Sector Consultants, focused on economic and education policy issues. Armen began his career in New York City, first as an administrator at New York University, and as an analyst in the U.S. Public Finance Division of Standard & Poor's. Armen completed his graduate studies at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University where he held the Birkhead-Burkhead Research Apprenticeship. His undergraduate degree is from Saginaw Valley State University where he served two years as student government president. Armen and his wife Emily have two kids, Lucy and Sam, and live in Ann Arbor.


Palmer  Scott Palmer, Career Technical Education Consultant, Macomb Intermediate School District

Scott supports 200+ CTE programs operating in 30 high schools and career centers in Macomb County. He serves on several local, regional and state education/industry leadership committees and task forces charged with creating systems that help prepare students for careers that match workforce needs. Scott holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Education from Central Michigan University; an MBA from Wayne State University; and an Educational Specialist degree from Oakland University. He is also a member of the national leadership council for Ford Next Generation Learning and an EPFP alumnus (2013-14). Before accepting his current leadership position at the MISD, Scott served in various roles in Utica Community Schools: CTE Business Teacher; School to Work Coordinator; Program Coordinator and CTE Administrator for the Utica Center for Science and Industry (UCSI). Scott is a dedicated advocate for CTE and best practice learning models—such as career academies—that include brain/mind learning principles, 21st century skill development, CTE/academic integration, and relevant project-based learning.


Team Members:

Martin Alwardt
Teri Bernero
Claire Brisson
Harmonee Costello
Christopher Janzer
Sergio Keck
Carol Skillings
Michelle Wolschlager


Video Resources:


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