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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Leadership Style Influences Upon People & Policies of Organizations

January 23, 2006
12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Kellogg Center, MSU

The purpose of this session is to explore varying styles of leadership and how they affect decision-making, promotion of leadership qualities within organizations and policy making.

Leadership Style Influences Upon People & Policies of Organizations

EPFP Learning Team Members:

Shereen Arraf
Carol Easlick
David Faichney
James Griffiths
Derek Jones
Peggy O’Keeffe
Robert Smith


12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00 Introduction & Opener, Shereen Arraf
1:15-2:00 Philip Johnson (introduction by David Faichney)
2:00-2:30 An Art of Possibility, Peggy O’Keeffe
2:30 Break
2:45 Scott Holman (introduction by James Griffiths)     
3:30 Leading with Laughter, Carol Easlick & Derek Jones
3:45 Lou Adams & a Simulation (introduction by Robert Smith)
4:30 Q/A & Wrap-up, David Faichney


Leaders from various organizations will share their perspectives and experiences about leadership, and discuss their approaches to specific problems which have challenged them during their tenure as leaders.

Research regarding leadership styles, ethical issues, problem solving, and policy making will be integrated throughout the session.

Members will be engaged in simulations and group discussions regarding some challenges leaders face.

Fellows and Learning Team members will be encouraged to bring examples of good and bad leadership experiences they have witnessed.

Specific Questions for Guest Leaders to Answer:

1.     How do your define leadership?
2.     What kind of leader are you?
3.     What are the strategies you use to inspire and lead your organization?
4.     What are your approaches toward developing leadership in others?
5.     How do you respond to change within your organization or environment?
6.     What are some of the effective approaches you use to impact policy in your organization?

Resource Persons:

Dr. Philip Johnson
A native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Philip Johnson is an author, public speaker, broadcaster, ordained minister and consultant to large and small corporations.  Phil holds a doctorate from the University of Toronto and is on the faculty of Calvin College and the University of Phoenix.  His purpose in consultation is to enable businesses, associations and government to focus on their future, and develop practical strategies which they can put into action profitably.  Phil is an author of six books including Time-Out! Restoring Your Passion for Life, Love and Work. His seventh, The Soulwise Enterprise: Inventing a Future of Promise and Prosperity, will be published next year.

Mr. Lou Adams, M.A.
Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth
District Manager
Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Resource Materials:

Leadership Quotes.doc

Recommended Leadership Resources.doc

Think Like a Leader Activity.doc

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