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Education Policy Fellowship Program


Good Politics & Conflicting Policies:
A Case Study of Emerging Early
Childhood Policies in Michigan

November 8, 1999
2:00 pm-7:00 pm
Kellogg Ctr., MSU


The Institute for Educational Leadership's theme for state sites this year is "Children, Youth and Poverty." Within this topical construct, applications of policy frameworks will be applied during this seminar, using a current policy dilemma in Michigan.

In addition, the seminar will present a unique opportunity to engage in substantive discussion with Representatives Pan Godchaux (R) and Lynne Martinez (D), both members of the Michigan House of Representatives Children's Caucus, and Dorothy Beardmore (R), President of the State Board of Education, and Sharon Gire (D), newly elected member of the State Board and former Chair of the House Education Committee.

The Seminar will be presented in two segments, the first a case study, and the second a forum. Throughout the seminar, opportunities for interaction will be facilitated.

2:00 PM Fellows network and focus on the issues.
2:15 PM

Policy and Politics: A Case Study

  • Larry Schweinhart, High/Scope Education Research Foundation with comments by policy-makers
  • Facilitated application of policy frameworks, Coordinators & Fellows
4:00 PM Break
4:15 PM

Policy-Makers Forum: Early Childhood & Family Policies

  • Representatives Godchaux and Martinez, State Board members Beardmore and Gire: Perspectives, Strategies, Issues & Processes
  • Dialogue, All
6:00 PM Dinner with Seminar guests

The policy frameworks to be applied will be: Mayor David Hollister's model Policy-Politics Matrix; and Deborah Stone's Policy Paradox (from the October 18 seminar).

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