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Education Policy Fellowship Program

Shaping and Building Communities

December 15, 1998
2:00 pm-7:00 pm
Kellogg Ctr., MSU

This session will explore the role of community involvement as an essential component of educational reform, and the diverse stakeholders who are participating in this process. We will also examine the topic of building and sustaining electronic communities through the use of computers, video and telecommunications networks.


Session A Resource Persons: Dr. Patricia Farrell (EPFP 1987-88)
Office of University Outreach
Michigan State University

Dr. Rossi J. Ray-Taylor (EPFP 1979-80)
Deputy Superintendent for Instruction
Lansing School District

Dr. Ray-Taylor has served as the Deputy Superintendent for Instruciton of the Lansing School District since 1995. In this capacity she is responsible for the administration, supervision, and operational management of all K-12 instructional programs as well as the Adult Education programs. Prior to this assignment she has carried out the duties of the Director of State & Federal Programs as well as Legislative Lobbyist for the district, having joined the Lansing School District in 1974.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science and English, a Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology with a specialty in measurement and evaluation, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a specialty in learning and cognition, each from Michigan State University. She was a 1979 Fellow with the Institute for Educational Leadership and also received a fellowship through the American Educational Research Association. In 1992 she received the MSU College of Education Award for outstanding academic achievement.

Additional Resources:

John Stindt (EPFP 1998-99)
Assistant Superintendent for Accountability & Technical Support
Highland Park Public Schools

Carol Bragg (EPFP 1998-99)
Project Director
21st Century Learning Centers
Grand Rapids Public Schools


Session B: Electronic Communities

How are electronic communities evolving and what will they look like in the future?

Session B Resource Person: Dr. Yong Zhao
Asst. Prof of Technology in Learning & Teaching
College of Education
Michigan State University

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